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The Path Forward

The Path Forward:
As we struggle together to reach the new normal, we face shrinking budgets, reduced staff and lower wages. This makes controlling subsidy cost even more critical. In a series of post, we will address the critical tools that we have used with our clients to reduce subsidy cost without sacrificing quality. We hope that these posts will provide a road map for success as we move forward together.

Topic One

Building Trust and Confidence, Tom Ciccone: Executive Vice President of Dining

In this post, Tom will outline how we safely reopen our dining and refreshment services in a COVID world.


Topic Two

Lowering Subsidy by expanding services, Rob Bratcher: Senior Dining District Manager

Here Rob will address innovative ways that to increase access to services during the current pandemic.


Topic Three

Lowering subsidy with technology, Jamie Condon: Vice President of Information Technology

In this post Jamie will show how innovative technology can be used to increase sales and employee satisfaction


Topic Four

Lowering subsidy by offering a value proposition, David Benda: Senior Vice President of Business Development & Client Relations

 In this post David will address how to boost sales by increasing participation


As time goes on, we will address additional topics and outline further strategies for lowering subsidies without sacrificing quality. We look forward to engaging with you on these topics and if you have any questions or comments, please to do hesitate to contact us today.

Thank you,

The American Dining Creations Team