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Sustainable, Hassle-Free Water Purification

Our industry-leading bottleless water cooler service guarantees an unlimited supply of purified fresh water is always on tap. 

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Advantages of Going Bottleless

We personalize the water filtration system for your specific facility and water conditions.

Great-Tasting Water

Multi-stage filtration removes particles that produce poor flavor, leaving only a pure experience.

Bottleless Units

Eliminate the storage, heavy lifting and transportation hassle of 5-gallon water bottles with our filtration systems.

Great Value

Our customers save 30-70% by going bottleless.

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Green Water Solution

Bottleless water coolers will help to reduce your carbon footprint by more than 70%.

Unmatched Performance

UV Technology provides unrivaled water purity for your employees.


Hot, cold, and ambient water are all available for your employees in a one-stop location.

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cherries in bubbly water

Bevi: The Better Way To Hydrate

The smart water cooler that brings flavors, carbonation and eco-friendly fun to your workplace.


Touchless Technology

Designed for remote smartphone use and to reduce shared contact points that your staff and guests will appreciate. Bevi is your hands-free beverage solution!

Healthy, Natural Flavors

Natural flavors made from real fruit essence. Enhancements like caffeine and electrolytes too.


High-quality filtered water, sparkling water and flavored water from your tap. This minimizes your carbon footprint and greatly reduces your contribution to landfills.

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