Customized Creative Solutions

Often times our clients come to us after being frustrated with other companies who provide them the “customized promise” but deliver the same cookie-cutter approach.  They are looking for a partner who can help them elevate their dining and refreshment programs by creating something unique and different. Our forward-thinking, creative solutions customized to each client’s needs are our winning approach.

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Flexibility Is Our Specialty

A Personalized Approach

As your business changes, we stay flexible and proactive, working with you to adapt to new challenges. We use data to measure and guide sound business decisions and come up with creative solutions to drive your business forward, while always placing guest experience first.

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Providing Convenience Through Advanced Technology

Our technology solutions deliver the personalized experience your customers demand. As you move to re-open your dining and refreshment programs, offering flexibility will be key to making guests feel comfortable. Through our advanced technology, mobile ordering, touchless technologies, unmanned micro-markets and efficient delivery systems, guests will be able to choose how, when and where they get served.  

A Variety of Offerings

We leverage technology with digital menu boards, online ordering, mobile apps and nutritional analysis of menu items, ensuring each guest has timely information on their mobile devices. Below are some of the innovative technologies that we offer to help improve the guest experience.

Revolutionary FRESH rewards™ App

Our exclusive FRESH Rewards™ app is the most innovative mobile payment and rewards app on the market. With FRESH Rewards™, employees will be able to place mobile orders and set pick-up times, load funds and manage their accounts easily. 

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Advanced Remote Ordering Solutions

We offer customized kiosk solutions that include pre-pay order kiosks, post-pay scan and go kiosks, as well as online ordering and pay.

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Amerifit App

Our one-of-a-kind Amerifit Fitness & Nutritional Tracker app allows users to scan any item in our café for full nutritional content, log daily food choices and view daily menus.  

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Amerifit Online Menu System

Associates will be able to quickly and easily access advanced copies of menus at each dining location from their smartphones or computers. Using the online menus and nutritional database, associates can easily access daily specials as well as get complete nutritional transparency, including calorie and food allergen information.

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