Food For Thought

Our student-first approach means delivering healthy meals that satisfy hungry mouths and contain high-quality parent-approved ingredients.

Our team consists of culinary professionals and nutritionists dedicated to serving our students a well-balanced diet that meets and exceeds USDA regulations.

Using whole, locally sourced, and minimally processed foods in our meal preparation allows us to provide meals that are not only nutritionally dense but that taste great even to the pickiest eater.

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Engaging the Students

Introducing Hootie the Foodie, our new K-12 mascot! We believe that engaging students in fun and interactive educational events is a great way to enhance their enthusiasm for learning. Having Hootie visit our school communities helps promote health and nutrition among the student population, fostering a sense of unity and shared values.

Fueling The Success of Students

What we eat can have a significant impact on our well-being. That’s why we offer food that not only tastes delicious but is also rich in all the necessary nutrients that students need to fuel their growing minds every day.

Through ongoing nutritional education, we aim to establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime for students and parents, promoting wellness beyond the classroom.

Creating a Warm Welcome

Our culinary team invests ample time to comprehend the unique needs of each school community. By consciously blending regional ingredients and local delicacies, we cater to the tastes and preferences of our students. This helps us create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for every guest.

Creating Value for Our Partners

“American Dining Creations stands out above the rest by crafting custom dining and catering solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients and their school communities. The personalized level of attention and service creates value for our partners.”

“American Dining Creations is an excellent organization to work with. Their team embodies a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and comes through for us every step of the way. They have our students and staff’s best interests at heart, and we appreciate having them as a business partner.” Cat Cain, Operations Manager Ewing Marion Kauffman School

“American Dining Creations has been a great company to work with. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have shown tremendous flexibility and dedication in meeting the needs of our families. We are very grateful and appreciate our partnership.” Phoebe DeVorce-Bassue, Operations and Enrollment Coordinator Academy for Integrated Arts

Check out this link to watch a brief video showcasing the enthusiasm of our students, faculty members, and administrators regarding our dining services.

What You Can Expect

Partnering with American Dining Creations means gaining the peace of mind knowing your school’s dining program is taken care of.

We deliver fiscal responsibility and operational excellence

We offer premium program solutions that are aligned with your financial goals. Each solution is developed around well-balanced nutrition, and is supported by knowledgeable and passionate culinary and dietary experts.

We drive student participation

We are happy to offer our Food Academy Cooking Series, a six-week course that teaches students kitchen and safety basics, baking, and easy cooking techniques. We also welcome students from various school organizations to participate in our Nutrition Advisory Council, where they can focus on food sampling, asking questions, cooking demos and marketing dining promotions to their peers.

We customize our culinary programs for every client

We are dedicated to delivering excellent service in every aspect of our operation, guaranteeing that everything we use, from ingredients to portion sizes, is of the highest quality. We take pride in crafting meals that students will love, taking into account their preferences and creating dishes that are both delicious and wholesome.

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