Social & Environmental Responsibility

We are focused on providing healthy food choices and eco-friendly programs, decreasing food waste and creating opportunities for our team members to grow. By working closely with our suppliers, clients, guests and team members, we have developed a strategy built to encompass all areas of our business.

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Responsible Sourcing

  • Local and in-season sourcing supports the local economy, offers outstanding variety and provides the freshest menu items possible.
  • We build strong partnerships with environmentally conscious suppliers.
  • We source certified organic and fair trade whenever possible.

Reducing Waste

  • Our small-batch, on-demand cooking enables us to produce the freshest food as needed, eliminating overproduction and food waste.
  • Our extensive food waste program allows us to monitor, report and ensure proper disposal of food waste, while at the same time curbing over-production.
  • We work with our clients to reduce single-use plastics, introduce reusable containers and use environmentally-friendly disposables where applicable.

Healthy Choices

  • Our plant-forward menus are better for people’s health and the planet.
  • Our chefs ensure the menus we create work for a variety of nutritional needs.
  • We promote food, nutrition and wellness education through our Amerifit program to nudge our customers to make positive behavior changes that can improve their health.
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Thriving People and Communities

  • We value the wonderful diversity of our team and are committed to supporting them with professional development to help fulfill their potential.
  • We strive to ensure all employees enjoy their work and have opportunities to consistently amaze our guests through their friendly expertise.
  • We support local community programs and above all, ensure the safety of our team members and everyone we serve.
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