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Clean, filled and working—you can count on us as your vending company. Our technicians and courteous vending attendants keep machines stocked and maintained, bringing new meaning to full-service vending. 

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Routine inventory restock

“I want to thank American Food & Vending for helping make our new Bath and Body Works Distribution Center here in Dallas a success. American Food & Vending has played a key role in providing our associates with dependable, well-stocked micro-markets and vending machines in break room environments they can rely on.

The challenges this past year presented to all of us confirmed that we made the right choice in partnering with AFV. The level of customer service and communication has made our jobs much easier and allowed us to focus on the task at hand and not have to worry or be distracted with break room problems.”

– Anthony Kruse, GEODIS, Sr. Operations Manager / Americas

two women grab a snack at the vending machines
two women grab a snack at the vending machines

Going Green for the Environment

Our technology helps us reduce waste and create a brighter tomorrow!

  • Our VendMAX reporting and tracking software lets us know what the vending machine needs before we leave the warehouse.  
  • Each vending machine we place is built to Energy Star standards to conserve energy.
  • Upgraded LED vending machine light bulbs are brighter and more energy-efficient.
  • With our efficient service routes, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint.
plant growing inside of a light bulb

Give Your Employees Healthy Vending Options for Better Lifestyle Choices

Our one-of-a-kind Amerifit healthy snack program helps meet the needs of today’s diverse employees and customers. We understand that the key to any healthy snacking program is variety, and that is why our staff will ensure that your machines are always stocked with a wide assortment of healthy options. Look for the green, yellow and red-colored spirals to identify the healthy items. 

woman's hand is holding a take away fresh salad in a lunch box

Products that empower choices towards a healthier lifestyle are at your fingertips. Schedule a healthy product sampling today!

Modern Technology That Gives Back

Each one of our vending machines features state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing deliverability and a unique customer experience.


SureVend is an innovative laser delivery system that ensures that everyone gets the product they wanted or their money back.

women with camera around her neck pointing at vending machine


Pay Range empowers consumers to not only pay through their phones, but also to make their product selection three to six feet from the machine, never having to touch the machine itself.

Woman uses Payrange to pay at vending machine with her phone


Enjoy the convenience of paying with credit or debit card at your vending machine.

boy and girl using smart phone to pay at vending machine
women eating sandwich sitting in grass

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Inspire staff and create a positive business atmosphere with exceptional vending services from American Food & Vending. Call us at 1-800-466-9261 or click below.

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