What Is the Food Bowl Trend?

What Is the Food Bowl Trend?

There’s a new culinary trend taking the world by storm — food bowls. But what exactly is a food bowl and why are they so popular? This trend could be a great way to attract a younger crowd to your business, breathing new life into your menu.

In this article, we’ll define what a food bowl is and explore some of the most popular types that are served in restaurants across the country. Additionally, we’ll dive into how a restaurant or another business can add food bowls to its menu in a way that will draw in new customers while retaining its current ones.

What Is a Food Bowl?

A food bowl, much like the name suggests, is a dish in which all of the ingredients are served in a bowl. While people have been eating food bowls for hundreds of years — the now-famous poke bowl is a part of native Hawaiian cuisine — they’ve only recently become a mainstream, dedicated menu item.

Thanks to social media, food bowls have gone from what appeared to be a “fleeting fashionable trend” to a permanent and popular restaurant menu item. These bowls are especially popular with young adults but are enjoyed by virtually every demographic and can be found just about anywhere across the country.

Why Do We Like Food Bowls So Much?

Between the food bowl’s simplicity, versatility and portions, there’s a lot to love. Here are a few reasons why people may love food bowls so much:


With a set amount of ingredients set in one container, a food bowl is a fantastic way to create a delicious yet simple meal. Plus, you can easily eat a food bowl right after you get it or take it to go for a quick meal. No matter how you enjoy your food bowl, its simplicity makes for a dish you can enjoy anywhere.


Another reason food bowls are popular is that they’re incredibly versatile. Depending on the ingredients, a food bowl can be the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The beauty of a food bowl is that the ingredients entirely determine its purpose — the bowl is just the means of preparing and eating the food.

Are you hungry for breakfast? Try an acai smoothie bowl. Is it dinner time? A noodle bowl may be the best option for you. With a food bowl, the possibilities are endless, as you can customize the structure of the food bowl to fit your mood and preferences.

Controlled Portions

For people who may be watching what they eat, whether to lose weight or for medical conditions such as allergies or diabetes, a food bowl is a perfect way to create a balanced meal with controlled portions. It’s not always easy to prepare a meal that’s both healthy and filling. A healthy food bowl can help you control food portions while enjoying a nutritious meal.

Ultimately, you should aim to eat balanced portions to keep your health in check. That’s not always possible, especially when you go out to eat — but food bowls are the perfect example of a dish that keeps portions in check. With a food bowl, you’re able to measure out the amount of food you’d like to eat within the confines of the bowl. As a result, you eat just enough to be full.

Types of Food Bowls

While any food that comes served in a bowl could be considered a food bowl, there are three main types of food bowls that are the most popular among consumers. Consider the following three categories of food bowls:


A bowl with savory ingredients such as meat, beans, vegetables and sauces can be a delicious choice for your next lunch or dinner. With various options such as chicken, fish or steak paired with black beans, peppers, lettuce, corn or whatever sauce you like, a savory bowl that includes ingredients from different food groups can create a delicious dish.


An appealing aspect of a grain bowl is that it can include grain ingredients such as bread or biscuits, or the bowl can be made from them. A bowl can be hollowed out and baked to serve ingredients inside of it, such as a spinach and artichoke dip or even sloppy joes and nachos. A more basic grain bowl usually includes rice, quinoa or couscous as the base.


One of the most popular food bowls in restaurants around the world is the breakfast bowl. If you like to start your day with a filling meal, a breakfast food bowl may be perfect for you. With breakfast bowls ranging from options such as a fruit bowl or a potato and egg bowl, there’s an endless number of options to choose from to start your day off right.

Types of Food Bowls

Adding Food Bowls to Your Menu

As one of the most popular and trendy food items in the culinary world, food bowls can draw customers to your business. Because food bowls provide unique and interesting ways for your consumers to mix flavors and textures together while incorporating different food styles, food bowls can be an exciting addition to any restaurant’s menu.

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