Picnic ideas

It’s Picnic Season!

Summer weather is finally here, making it the perfect time to bring lunch outside and get some much-needed vitamin D. Spontaneous picnics are the best kind of get-togethers—Kelly’s Choice and American Dining Creations have teamed up with a blog guide to make sure your picnic is easy, relaxed, and full of fun. Simply pack your car with picnic essentials and take advantage of your workplace micro markets or café for picnic-friendly food. You’ll be prepared for a spontaneous picnic whenever the sunshine calls your name.

At American Dining Creations, we recognize that producing crops harvested within the natural growing cycle requires fewer resources and promotes better land use. We can commit to small-batch cooking when we utilize seasonal produce and avoid harmful chemical preservatives and pre-packaged items. Instead, we focus on sustainable packaging and cooking items from scratch.

What to Pack in your Car:

Blanket or Picnic Mat

A comfortable blanket or picnic mat is a must. Choose one that’s large enough to accommodate a lot of people and easy to fold and carry. Waterproof options are ideal in case the ground is damp.

Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is key, especially when you’re outdoors. Pack reusable water bottles filled with cold water or your favorite beverage. Consider infusing water with slices of lemon, cucumber, or berries for a refreshing twist.

Portable Utensils and Napkins

Don’t forget the essentials—pack reusable utensils, napkins, and wet wipes. These items are crucial for a mess-free picnic, and reusable options are environmentally friendly.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Protect yourself from the elements by packing sunscreen and bug spray. Keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays and pesky insects so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.


Pack some light entertainment. Bring along a frisbee, a deck of cards, or a portable speaker for music. These items can add an extra layer of fun to your picnic experience.


What to Grab at Work:

Be sure to hit up your workplace micro markets or cafe for the picnic-friendly food. Here are some suggestions for you:

Sandwiches or Wraps

Select a few sandwiches or wraps to share with friends. Be sure to choose whole-grain breads with lean proteins like chicken, turkey or hummus and fresh veggies like spinach or avocado.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Bring along a selection of fresh fruits and veggies. There are often great combos in your micro market, such as carrots, celery, and hummus packs.

Healthy Snacks

Choose nutritious and easy-to-grab snacks like trail mix or granola bars, often available at any vending machine. These snacks are perfect for munching on while you chat, play games, or relax in the sun.

Research shows that taking breaks at work will help you become more productive. With our suggestions, you can easily have a workday picnic, revitalizing your energy for a productive day when you return to your to-do list.