Our Story
Four members of the American Food and Vending Family gather for a portrait

Our Story

Client Testimonials
Display of available pizza options plus garlic knots and Stromboli

Client Testimonials

Response to Covid
group of workers gather to prepare food packages during the covid-19 pandemic

Response to Covid

neatly set dining table, ready for guests

Dine Safe, Dine Well, Dine Confident

Resetting the Table

Since our family began in the hospitality business over 80 years ago, we have understood the importance of the guest experience and how we make our guests feel. Click below to learn more about American Dining Creations.

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We’re Culinary Zealots Changing the Landscape of Hospitality

We are a passionate group of hospitality professionals and culinary zealots simply and steadfastly focused on creating an unmatched hospitality experience with everything and everyone we serve. By providing innovative solutions and personalized service, we are able to foster and enhance engaging workplace culture, drive collaboration and inspire our customers and clients alike.

chef serving rolls to table of peoople
Sandwich awaits removal from kitchen after female chef finishes plating it

American Dining Creations

How We Are Different:

  • Family-owned, we value relationships and treat our customers as long-term partners. 
  • We provide world-class experiences and outcomes for our clients and customers by developing relationships based on service excellence, partnership and mutual understanding. 
  • We deliver outstanding customer service through our knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and operational excellence. 
  • We continually experiment and innovate to offer a better customer experience.
  • We grow with you by bringing innovation to your vision.
Close image of jumbo shrimp being sauteed in a pan with oregano, chive, rosemary, garlic and paprica creating Shrimp Scampi


Your personalized team of experts, including chefs and hospitality specialists, are ready and waiting to bring your vision to life. Call us at 1-800-466-9261 or click below.

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