Reuse and Recycling Programs

American Dining Creations works with individual clients and maintains active reuse and recycling program at all of our dining operations. Wherever possible, we employ reusable items in our cafés to cut down on waste and— where reusable products are impractical—we have active recycling programs.

LEED Green Associate

(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): American Dining Creations is one of the only companies in our industry to offer our own in-house design team to help our clients plan and execute dining renovations. As part of our team, we have a certified associate in LEED Green design.

Food Waste Reduction

American Dining Creations has made a significant investment in the most sophisticated inventory management software in the industry and devotes countless hours to training our on-site managers and chefs on proper production methods and batch preparation techniques. These investments not only allow us to control costs and pricing in our cafes but they allow us to reduce food waste by over 15% per year.

Cooking Oil to BioFuel

Many of our cafes have implemented a 100% recycling program on all oils.  Converting 1000s of gallons of waste to usable energy every year. 

Energy Conservation

All of our cafés have implemented an energy conservation protocol that calls for:

  • Replacement of all outdated incandescent lighting with energy efficient fluorescent fluorescent
  • Limiting preheating time for equipment
  • Arrange culinary preparation schedules to maximize energy efficiency
  • Reduce lighting where applicable
  • Employing exhaust fans only when necessary.

Bulk Condiment Dispensers

Where practical, we encourage the conversion of single-serve condiments to bulk condiment dispensers to cut down on waste.

Sustainable Refreshment Initiatives

Sustainable Vending Technology

At American Dining Creations we provide the most environmentally sustainable vending equipment on the market. For instance, we purchase only Energy-Star rated vending equipment employing LED lighting. On average, these units consume only $98 per year in energy compared to $311 for less efficient units. We were also one of first vending companies in the country to offer the advanced energy-mizer and motion-sensor activation technology on our vending equipment.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees and Teas

American Dining Creations is committed to providing environmentally sustainable beverage options within all our operations. This is why we are proud to offer a wide selection of coffees and teas that are grown from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Green Product Lines

American Dining Creations carries a number of product lines noted for their environmentally beneficial attributes. For instance, we maintain a full line water filtration division to eliminate our clients’ need for plastic water bottles and water delivery services. Our most popular single-serve cofee line—Flavia—uses 60% less energy than comparable brewers and each coffee packet is made from 90% post industrial recycled plastic and can be “up-cycled” through our innovative terra-cycling program. We also carry a complete line of “green” ancillary products (cups, stir sticks, napkins, plasticware, etc.) made entirely from recycled materials.

Sustainable Corporate Initiatives

Reuse and Recycling Initiatives

At our new corporate headquarters and within each of our regional offices we maintain the strictest reuse and recycling program in the industry. Below are a few of the highlights of this program: All cardboard, plastic, wood, and scrap metal from product and equipment packaging is either reused or recycled. All outdated computers, cell phones, and other IT equipment is either given to American Dining Creation employees, donated to charitable organizations, or sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled. All outdated vending, coffee, and water equipment is striped for reusable or recyclable materials and converted to condiment stands or storage cabinets. All paper and ink cartridges used in our offices are recycled and associates are encouraged not to print material unless absolutely necessary. Lighting in all of our offices has been or is in the process of being converted to high efficiency fluorescent lighting.

Fleet and Route Optimization

American Dining Creations maintains a fleet of hundreds of service and delivery vehicles across the United States. When necessary we replace outdated vehicles with the most energy efficient models in their class and we employ an industry leading route optimizing delivery schedule that has helped us to reduce the number of miles we drive each year by more than 15%.

Building Strong Partnerships with Environmentally Conscience Suppliers

One of the criteria that we use to judge and reevaluate our relationship with all of our suppliers is their commitment to environmental sustainability. Using this principle has led American Dining Creations to build strong relationships with EcoLabs, Pepsico, Gordon Foods, Flavia/M&M Mars, Unilever, and countless other companies who not only provide quality products but are also recognized environmental leaders within their industries.


Buy-Local Purchasing Strategy

At American Dining Creations we have pioneered a “buy local” purchasing strategy designed to source most products used in our operations within a 200- mile radius. This buying strategy not only saves gas by eliminating long distance transportation but also helps to support sustainable growth within the local economies that we serve.